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Semi PermanentMascara Toronto

What is semipermanent mascara?

The newest trend in eyelash treatments, semi permanent mascara Toronto came about when a makeup artist from Arizona wanted something that was a cross between lash extensions and your run of the mill mascaras. The result was a formula that was not unlike a regular mascara’s, but has micronized fibers to mimic the effect of eyelash extensions. This mascara treatment involves manual curling of the lashes and the application of the formula. The results or overall effect can be anywhere from natural-looking to red carpet drama, depending on how many coats of the formula you will use. This customizable look makes it a popular choice to a wider clientele. The mascara is water and smudge-proof, and can last for several weeks before chipping off on its own. You can opt to remove the mascara on your own (using a dual-phase makeup remover) or to have it removed in the salon where you had the treatment.  So, what kind of eyelash treatment should you get? It all depends on what kind of look you’re looking for. If you already have long lashes but just want them to look fuller, tinting might be your option. If you have neither length nor curl, lash lifts might suit you better. But if you want length, volume, curl, and drama, getting a semi permanent mascara Toronto treatment will do the trick.

Eyelash & EyebrowsTreatments

Eyelashes are very similar to the hair on one’s head. This means that they can get damaged by the same things that can damage head hair. Sun exposure can damage eyelashes, which can make it look dull and lackluster. And when lashes look dull, they appear to be sparser, as well. Eyelash tinting works the same way as hair dyeing. Pigment is carefully brushed onto the eyelashes and is left for a while to adhere to the hair shafts. A protective coat is usually brushed afterwards to make the tinted lashes last for weeks. Lash lifts became a thing when celebrities and celebrity stylists shared their before and after eyelash selfies on Instagram. The treatment is called “Keratin Lash Lift”, and it involves treating the lashes with keratin, which can help revitalize eyelashes. The result is a set of longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes that can last for at least 8 weeks. If you’re a beauty and makeup junkie, nothing will excite you more than the newest beauty trend or enhancement, and no other facial part gets more treatments that the eyes. The latest of the bunch? Eyelash tinting, lifting, and the all-new semi permanent mascara Toronto. Our professional eyebrows tinting treatments and eyelash lift and tinting will make your eyes look fuller and your eyebrows look healthier and enhance your true beauty.

Eyelashes / Eyebrows Treatments

Eyelash Tinting <price>$20</price>
Eyelash Lift <price>$45</price>
Semi-Permanent Mascara (Top & Bottom) <price>$85</price>
Semi-Permanent Mascara (Top Only) <price>$55</price>
Semi-Permanent Mascara (Bottom Only) <price>$40</price>
Eyebrow Tinting <price>$15</price>
Eyebrow Shaping <price>$20</price>

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Everybody loves thick, curling lashes that go on forever. Not everybody is blessed with such godly lashes, though, so for the rest of the mortal population, eyelash treatments are the next best thing. Eyelash treatments hope to bring what genetics could not: darker eyelash color, longer length, fuller volume, and natural curl. Treatments usually offer longer-lasting results than go-to makeup products that mimic the same effects, making them popular to women who just don’t have the time to sacrifice to a grueling daily makeup routine.

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