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Welcome to iLash Spa, we're an eyelash extensions and facial treatments boutique, conveniently located in the heart of Toronto. Enjoy our website and learn more about our treatments
Eyelash Extensions

Professional eyelash extensions application by industry leading brands. This procedure will make your eyes look bigger, countoured and expressive.

Eyebrow Microblading

Give your eyebrows an ultimate, fuller shape to highligh your beauty with out semi-permanent eyebrow microblading treatment. 

Cosmetic Treatments

We offer a full range of facial treatments to revitalize your face skin. We also offer a professional microdermabrasion treatment.

Enhance Your Inner Beauty.

iLash Spa it's not only a professional eyelash extensions, microblading and facial treatments cabinet, it's a boutique cabined conveniently located in the heart of Toronto at beautiful Yorkville. During our procedures you can relax from a busy schedule and receive a treatment you deserve. Not only we good at eyelash extensions, we also offer a professional semi-permanent make, microblanding for your eyebrows, variety of facial treatments including microdermabrasion procedure. Contact us to book your appointment and we'll be happy to see you here at iLash Spa.

Eyelash Extensions

iLash Spa offers permanent eyelash extensions of the
highest quality in multiple sizes to give your lashes
a natural look, increase volume and fullness.
Check out our eyelash extension packages:

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Eyebrow Microblading

There is no secret behind the fact, why eyebrow microblading
is so popular among women who want to highligh their
eyebrows and give them a natural, full look without
permanent makeup. Find out how we do it:

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Facial Treatments

At iLash Spa we're not only limited to eyelash extesions and
eyebrows microblading, we also provide a long list of
facial treatment to rejuvinate your skin and highligh
your beauty. Check our what we can do for you: 

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MeetYour Expert

  • eyelash extensions expert newmarket
    Irina Kolt
    Eyes are the window to the soul and eyelashes are the perfect pair of curtains © Irina Kolt

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